Are You Getting Enough Protein in your Diet?

You do not have to eat meat all day long to get protein into your system. Combining a variety of healthy foods into our diet is very beneficial.

Protein is essential for growth and development.  It provides the body with energy, and it’s needed for the manufacture of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, and tissues.

Women usually do not consume enough protein rich food in there diet. Keep this in mind: If you do consume enough protein, it will help keep your body toned, and not sag.

As for  weight loss benefits, experts advise aiming for around 120 grams of protein a day.

 If you want to increase your protein intake, do it slowly over the course of a week.Below are some vegetarian choices:

Vegaterain Protein


Here is a guide you can use to keep track of your protein consumption:

Beans, Nuts, Seeds

1 cup garbanzo beans 14.5 grams

1 cup pinto beans 12 grams

1 cup refried beans 15.5 grams

1 cup soybeans 28 grams

1 oz. cashews 4.4 grams

1 oz. peanuts 6.5 grams

1 oz. sesame seeds 6.5 grams

1 oz. pistachios 5.8 grams

1 cup tofu 22 grams

1 cup lentils 18 grams


1 cup yogurt 13 grams

1 oz cheddar cheese 7.1 grams

1 egg 6 grams

1 cup cottage cheese 10 grams


Fruits and Vegetables

1 avocado 10 grams

1 cup broccoli 5 grams

1 cup spinach 5 grams

1 cup peas 9 grams

1 medium artichoke 4 grams

1 cup asparagus 5 grams

1 cup beet greens 3 grams

1 cup Edamame 17 grams

To add extra quality Protein to supplement into your diet you may try the TLS Whey Protein Shake. It is free of rBGH (bovine growth hormone, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

TLS protein shake comparison