Why is it important to detox? Everyone is talking about it. Well guess what…it’s not a new concept. This is an important principle of Holistic Medicine that has been known for thousands of years.

Detoxification is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. According to Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine our bodies need to be detoxified every season ( or at least 1-2x/per year) to maintain optimal health.

How do we accumulate toxins in our system?

1. Stress

2. Environmental (air, water, ect.)

3. Poor Diet

4. Pesticides

5. Pollution

Eliminating existing toxins and avoiding new toxins are essential parts of our bodies healing process.

Our bodies become so congested and over loaded over time that it causes so many problems. Conditions such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, asthma, and many others are strongly influenced by exposure to toxic or allergenic substances in the environment.

American agriculture uses nearly 10 pounds of pesticides per person on the food supply each year. These toxins have become almost unavoidable.

Detoxification is helpful for those patients suffering from many chronic diseases and conditions, including allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, chronic infections, depression, diabetes, headaches, heart disease, high cholesterol, low blood sugar levels, digestive disorders, mental illness, and obesity.

It is helpful for those with conditions that are influenced by environmental factors, such as cancer, as well as for those who have been exposed to high levels of toxic materials due to accident or occupation.

Detoxification is especially useful for those suffering from chronic inflammation, allergies or immune system problems that conventional medicine is unable to diagnose or treat, including chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental illness/multiple chemical sensitivity, and fibromyalgia. Symptoms for those suffering these conditions may include unexplained fatigue, increased allergies, slow metabolism hypersensitivity to common materials, intolerance to certain foods and indigestion, aches and pains, Migraine headaches, insomnia, weakened immune system, depression, sudden weight loss or gain, lowered resistance to infection, general malaise and disability. Detoxification can be used as a beneficial preventative measure and as a tool to increase overall health, vitality, and resistance to disease.

How do our bodies detoxify?

The body has natural methods of detoxification. Individual cells get detoxified in the lymph and circulatory systems.

The liver is the principle organ of detoxification, assisted by the kidneys and intestines. It is the principle organ in the body responsible for removing toxic compounds.


Toxins can be excreted from the body by the kidneys, bowels, skin, and lungs.

Detoxification treatments become necessary when the body’s natural detoxification systems become overwhelmed.

This can be caused by long-term effects of improper diet, stress, overeating, sedentary lifestyles, illness, and poor health habits in general.

Some people’s digestive tracts become unable to digest food properly, due to years of overeating and diets that are high in fat and processed foods and low in fiber (the average American diet). When this happens, food cannot pass through the digestive tract efficiently.

Instead of being digested properly or eliminated from the bowel, food can literally rot inside the digestive tract and produce toxic by-products also know as Auto-Intoxication. These toxins leak out into the blood stream and produce many problems including chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease as mentioned above.

What to expect from a regular Detox & Healthy Lifestyle habits:

  • Effortless weight loss
  • A Glowing Complexion and improved skin and internal tissue quality (firmer, younger-looking skin-including face, neck and breast tissue)
  • Decrease of cellulite
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased inflammation and improvement/elimination of acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Fewer Colds and Flus
  • More restful sleep
  • Better muscle tone, strength & endurance
  • Improved mood, a positive attitude, and a calmer disposition
  • Improved focus, mental acuity to focus on tasks
  • Natural Healing throughout your entire body

Now, aren’t these reasons enough on why you should start your Detox and lifestyle change immediately?


So what to do?

Detoxing assist the body’s own detoxification processes. This helps purify you system with the use of natural herbs and whole foods. They also strengthen the body and immune system which prevent illness & fatigue.

Naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recommend numerous herbal formulas for detoxification and immune strengthening.

This is a very complete cleanse that will give you a total body detox (lymph, blood, liver, kidneys, colon, ect.) while providing you with the right substances to bind with the toxins so that you can eliminate them. This should let you feel renewed and energized!




For daily maintenance in between detoxing I take my Complete Greens. Most people don’t get enough greens and vegetables in their diets, and if we are eating vegetables, it has been shown in many studies that our soil is very depleted in essential nutrients that out bodys need. I absolutely love complete greens because it is COMPLETE. It contains probiotics, enzymes, spirulina, and many other nutrients. It is truly complete. As a greens supplement, it is not lacking a thing.



Drink Green Lemonade Daily! Click image for recipeGreen Lemonade Recipe

Body therapies may also be used to enhance the detoxification process including: massage therapy, Therapeutic Baths, Saunas, Dry Brushing, and body treatments. These body therapies improve circulatory and structural problems, reduce stress, and promote healing responses in the body.


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I hope this information helps you get started on your detox regimen!



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Fernanda Santiago is a Health Professional, Weight Loss Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist. She specializes in helping people achieve optimal wellness using alternative treatments. She helps people look and feel great from inside out.  She is an Educator in Natural Health and is the Chief Operations Officer at MDI – MIRA-Dynamics International. Read more on her bio here.


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