Fat Burning Morning Jump Start

Most people enjoy their hot beverage as their morning wake up! Iv’e heard some friends say “don’t even talk to me before I’ve had my coffee”. Coffee is a serious thing in many households.  Although I do love coffee on occasion, for me, my morning pick me up is Mochatonix. On a personal note, coffee just doesn’t do it for me. Sometimes it gives me the jitters and after a little while my energy will fade away. A lot of people experience this “crash”. One of my favorite things about Mochatonix  (other then the fact that it helps you burn fat) is that it provides me with long lasting energy for hours without crashing. I take it with me on the go in a thermos, or sometimes add it to my smoothies for its thermogenic properties. I like the variety of flavors to keep things interesting.Fenny Mocha

Here are some more features:

Fat Burning. Energy Enhancing. Brain Boosting.

MochaTonix’s advanced formula features a patented ingredient, Advantra Z® that helps burn fat and increase physical performance. Derived from the Chinese herb Citrus aurantium, Advantra Z promotes lipolysis, the breakdown of fat, and thermogenesis, the production of body heat in muscle and fat. When coupled with an exercise routine, MochaTonix provides a dramatic edge to hectic, sometimes overwhelming lives. It leads to increased energy and physical performance, because the body can efficiently convert free fatty acids released from stores of fat into additional energy.

An ideal replacement for coffee, MochaTonix contains proven, natural ingredients that offer a wide range of benefits that make it a great way to start each day. Unlike other products on the market available in pill form, this creamy beverage comes in three delicious flavors – cappuccino, mocha and vanilla – that provide key nutrients for optimal health, deliver heightened energy and endurance to alleviate occasional fatigue and stimulate weight loss and control. With essential amino acids and herbs, MochaTonix helps your body fight the detrimental effects of mental and physical stress by restoring mental clarity and focus, helping you achieve maximum mental activity for the daily grind.

Key Ingredients

  • Contains patented ingredient Advantra Z®:
    • Helps to burn fat & increase physical performance
    • Helps to suppress appetite
  • Increases Energy
  • Helps heighten endurance levels
  • Promotes mental focus & memory
  • Helps to combat mental & physical stress
  • Supports weight loss & control

How do you like your Mocha? Below are some ways I like to enjoy mine.



Drink it Hot

Mochatonix mug



1 cup Hot Water or Coconut or Almond Milk

1 Scoop MochaTonix





Drink it Cold

Mocha ShakeThe Fat Burner (Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana)

Recipe: Mix the following in your blender.

2 Scoops Chocolate TLS Nutrition Shake

1 Scoop MochaTonix (Cappuccino for a coffee flavor, or Chocolate for Mocha Flavor)

1 Cup Cold Water


1/2 Banana

1 tsp. Peanut or Almond Butter

Have some on the go… I take it with me on the road!

Mocha on the go









Questions? I would love to hear your thoughts. XO