Immune System



Maintaining our immune system strong is vital to health. When our immune system is operating in high gear, we don’t get sick often. Here are 9 simple tips to help us build our immune system:

1.  Reduce Stress Ever notice when your stressed, you catch a cold or flu easily?  We are all exposed to stress on a daily basis, but by finding healthy ways to release stress from our bodies, we prevent it from causing damage, such as a weakened immune system. Some like to take a warm aromatherapy bath, get a massage, or go for a walk outdoors.

2. Cut back on sugar Eating Low Glycemic will keep your whole body systems healthy.

3.  Sleep – Your body repairs and restores while you sleep make up for a good 7-8 hour sleep (10 hours for kids) session. You need to regenerate your energies, sleep is important for all of our body functions.





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4. Cleanse Your Lymphatic System- Try dry brushing. It cleanses out Lymphatic System which is also part of our immune system. It is the sewage system for cellular metabolic toxins. You want to keep your body detoxified and your immune system working in high gear.

5. Feed Your Immune System- Give your immune system a boost and keep it going strong. Clinical trials have shown that Wellmune® promotes a healthy immune system and boosts the body’s natural immune response. It promotes beneficial activity of macrophages, T cells and natural killer cells, which engulf and destroy pathogens and foreign matter.

wellimmunePrimary Benefits of Isotonix Immune:

• Boosts your body’s natural immune system response

• Clinical trials have shown that Wellmune promotes a healthy immune system

• Promotes beneficial activity of macrophages, T cells and natural killer cells, which engulf and destroy pathogens and foreign matter

• Promotes healthy energy levels and vitality

Inside your body there is an amazing protection mechanism called the immune system, designed to defend you against millions of microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade your body. Our Isotonix immune contains a revolutionary health & wellness ingredients that has the power to boost your immune system called Wellmune. Order your Isotonix Immune Here.

Isotonix Immune could be just what your body needs. Our immune system support vitamin when taken on a daily basis makes it easier to stay active, strong and healthy throughout the year. Isotonix Immune could be just what your body needs. With a specific combination of immune boosting ingredients — including the clinically studied Wellmune — delivered in isotonic form, Isotonix Immune is guaranteed to provide maximum absorption and prime the natural immune response.

Immune System

What Makes Our Isotonix Immune Different?

The word Isotonic, which means “same pressure,” basically means that it has the same chemical resemblance of your own body’s blood, plasma and tears. Our Isotonix dietary supplements are delivered in an isotonic solution which means that your body has to work less in order to obtain maximum absorption and it also allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes. With our Isotonix supplements, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.

An immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumour cells. Optimal health means a strong immune system, superior cognitive function, healthy cardiovascular systems, overall peak performance and enhanced quality of life. Take control of your health with our scientifically-supported nutrition vitamins and immune supplements.

Interesting facts

According to a study conducted on marathon runners, Wellmune reduced by 40% Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms in 182 runners.

According to a study, firefighters reported improved health, including a 23% reduction in respiratory infections when supplementing with Wellmune.

 According to the CDC, as much as 90% of all illness can be directly tied to a breakdown of immune function brought on by outside stresses! Wellmune

6. Drink water Fluid flushes out toxins and dehydration stresses your body so pimp out your water by getting a bottle you love or adding a few orange slices, lemon juice,  cucumbers,  or mint leaves to it.

7. Exercise Exercise builds your defense against viruses. Aim for 45-60 minutes x 5 per week

8. Eat Foods that come From the Earth Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, based on color – We tend to cut down on produce during winter, but try to have at least 2-3 servings of each daily.  Essential nutrients such as vitamin C, Antioxidants and Enzymes are necessary for health.

9. Maintain a Healthy Digestive System- Did you know 80% of the body’s immune system is in the digestive track and effected by digestive issues?

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