Weight Loss – Iraida’s Success story

Iraida has been through the TLS program and has not only transformed her body and health completely, but she has maintained for the past 2 years. I feel very honored and proud to have personally coached her through this journey.

Iraidas Sucess Story

Iraida’s Personal TLS Success Story…

The journey to weight loss can be a very personal and very emotional experience. Many people struggle with their weight every day, but they are not alone. See Iraida’s transformation and read about how her life changed when she found TLS® Weight Loss Solution.

1.) What types of programs have you tried in the past?
“I’ve tried Weight Watchers*, Hydroxycut and imposed my own restrictions.”

2.) Why did you decide to try TLS?
Once my coach presented the facts of TLS, I felt it was the right thing to try. It felt healthier and actually less restricting than other diets.

3.) What program did you follow on TLS?
Rapid Results.

4.) How much weight, inches and fat have you lost, and for how long?
I lost 28 lbs. and went from size 12 to size 8. I’m still there after almost a year. I don’t remember exactly, but the total that I lost between arms, legs, waist and hips was over 10 inches.

5.) Why do you think TLS is the best weight loss program out there, and why would you recommend it?
It is the best because it teaches you to eat healthier, to look into the nutrition facts, to make better decisions when choosing what to eat, not just to count points even when you are eating unhealthy stuff. I will recommend it because it actually works. This is the first time that I had lost weight and keep it off because I learned how to eat what is better for me and to be smarter about my eating decisions. Also I saw other changes in my body, not just the weight loss. The healthier lifestyle helped me tone more when doing exercise and my body looked overall better than when I was in my twenties.

6.) What are some tips for someone wondering if TLS would be right for them?
I would tell them to try it because it is a proven process to help you learn to be healthier, not a blind diet just to lose weight. It’s a program that is more realistic to their lifestyle, needs and self-determination, because that will be key to their success. This is not a miracle diet, but a lifestyle, and they have to be determined to make the changes. All the menus and ideas that I received helped me a lot, so having a coach is an awesome tool to stay on track. Other programs don’t offer that.

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