Online Coach: The Key to Weight Loss Success!

Need to get in shape? You don’t have to do it alone. With our Online Coach and unique interactive website and FREE mobile app. Never be confused by the process!

Features Of The Interactive Weight Loss Website


TLS Website features

Meal Tracker

With database of over 250,000 individual food listings – including specific restaurants and brand names – the Food Tracker allows you to precisely and conveniently measure your daily eating. You can see your plan and compare day to day even from the past.

Supplement Tracker

High-quality weight loss supplements can make a major difference in results, but not when you forget to take them! Take them at times that work for your schedule with both email and text reminders, giving you the best chance to stay on track anytime, anywhere!

Exercise Tracker

The Exercise Tracker allows you to efficiently plan your workouts, providing easy design, weekly scheduling and more! TRACK YOUR PROGRESS with detailed records of exercises, weights and repetitions.

Weight & Measurement

Easily update your weight, body measurements, and custom progress trackers unique to you (ex. coffee, attitude, etc.).. You can view progress and sort by 1, 3 or 6 month intervals, along with calendar year and year-to-date. The Weights & Measurement tracker delivers a timeline and graphical display for all your areas of improvement, displaying your goal, total weight loss, and how close you are to reaching your goal weight!