Organic Lavender Lip Balm


Organic Lavender lip balm

These days its hard to find body care products that are not full of artificial chemicals and fragrances. A few years ago I visited a Lavender farm and it was a day I will always remember. The warm breeze in the air carried the wonderful fragrance of Lavender. At the farm they had many items for sale made from lavender and I purchased a lip balm. I wanted to create a similar one that I can use as gifts for friends and clients so that they too can enjoy.

Lavender, as we know has many benefits. It is the most widely used oil in Aromatherapy. Bringing calmness and happiness to the body and mind, it can help lift away worries and agitation. It is wonderfully calming, and uplifting and has shown excellent antioxidant activity in several assays (Yang et al 2010), suggesting that it could inhibit degenerative change such as skin cancer, sun damage and the effects of aging. 

Because I am a big fan of Lavender, the recipe below is using this essential oil. You may however, add your own twist. Lavender- Peppermint makes a great combination. Example: mix in 25 drops Lavender + 15 drops peppermint.

Lavender Lip Balm RecipeLavender harvest

This recipe made 50 tubes of lip balm. Adjust measurements as needed.

What You Need

Equipment –

Lip Balm Tubes or Tins

Lip Balm Tray (if using tubes)


Fill the bottom of a small pan with about 1 inch of water and turn on medium heat.

  1. If using a lip balm tray, set it up first to have them ready to fill.
  2. Place a small jar in the water. DO NOT get water inside the jar.
  3. Place all ingredients except the essential oils inside the glass jar and slowly melt, stirring as needed.
  4. When all ingredients are melted, stir well and turn off heat, but leave jar in the water to keep warm.
  5. Add in the Lavender essential oil, or other oils of your choice.
  6. Fill in lip balm tubes. The mixture will settle slightly as it cools, so I also re-top the containers after a few minutes as they start to harden.
  7. Let sit without touching for several hours or until completely hardened.
  8. Store in a cool dry place.


Do you make any of your own body care products? Please share below!