My Seasoned Olive Oil – I use this olive oil to flavor many dishes.


Extra virgin olive oil benefits  include- rich in almost 40 anti-oxidant chemicals, helps reduce the oxidation effects of LDL,  aids in digestion, phenols present in olive oil have anti inflammatory properties and much more.

For this recipe, use the spices you personally love, season it to your liking. Below are my favorite spices, but feel free to customize it your your taste. Use dried herbs.


Ingredients I like to use:

About a teaspoon- tablespoon of each dry herbs depending on the size of the bottle-


Sweet Basil


Whole Pepper Corns

Red Pepper Flakes

Put your spices inside a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cover and shake well. The longer the herbs sit in the bottle the more flavor it releases. No need to strain, just give the bottle a little shake to stir the herbs that sink to the bottom and drizzle on your salads or other favorite dishes.

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