Salad Jars Made Easy

Short on time? These are perfect to prep ahead and take with you.

I am always on the go and so are my clients. Having a busy lifestyle just means you need to make a few adjustments to follow your program in a breeze. Making salad and veggie jars are a great way to save time and make your wellness or weight loss program a success. I usually make a few at a time and keep n the fridge. Wake up in the morning, put one in your lunch bag and you are good to go! Lunch will be one less thing to worry about. Your waist line will thank you. ?

Salad Jars

In a large mason jar add your ingredients from heaviest to lightest at the top.
For example:
1. Dressings/oils/vinegars first. (bottom of the jar)
2. Add your protein (meats, beans etc)
3. Other heavy ingredients (olives, tomatoes, onions) ?
4. Sprouts or broccoli slaw or dried berries/raisins (if you have any)
5. And last your leafy greens. (Top of jar) ?


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I hope this helps give you more ideas on ways to prep on the go. How do you like your salad jars? What do you do to prep ahead? Please share! We would love to know! ?