Sprouts – It’s Alive!


What is a sprout?

A sprout is when a seed is in the process of growing into a vegetable. Sprouts can come from vegetable seeds (eg. Broccoli, onion, beets, peas), grains and legumes (eg. Buckwheat, garbanzos, mung beans).

Why I love sprouting

This is what fascinates me: the fact that during germination sprouts “come alive” and triple or more in the amount of nutrients. There is an increase in Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene. Here is a nutrition fact sheet: SproutNutritionFacts

The process of sprouting neutralizes what is called enzyme inhibitors, which make the seed when its un-sprouted harder to digest. Have you ever eaten legumes and had trouble with gas after? Well, sprouting can help eliminate that issue.

Who wouldn’t want a live food that is higher in nutritional value plus easy to digest?


Sprouting is easy and fun!

If you know me by now, I like to keep things simple. Sprouting is perfect for a busy lifestyle as there is little time involved. I like to sprout in a jar.

I recommend getting a Sprouting Mason Jar that already comes with the screen lid. Some even come with the seeds to get started!


Follow the directions for each seed you get. But for the most part all you do is this:

  1. Get your clean jar
  2.  Add the amount of seeds specified(depends on what your sprouting)
  3. Add purified water- fill the jar
  4. Let soak overnight (while you sleep or 8-12 hours)
  5. Drain the water through the screen lid
  6. Place jar face down or at an angle in dish rack so that it continues draining(we don’t want too much water inside)
  7. Go on with your day and fill jar with purified water again this time shaking jar (stimulates them) and drain right away, lay jar at angle. Repeat this 2-3x/day
  8. After about 2-3 days(depending on sprout) your sprouts will be ready!


What to do with sprouts?

I like to add them to sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. For legumes, I sprout them before cooking the way I would normally such as in a bean soup or hummus. The possibilities are endless and adding this to your diet will be very beneficial in more ways to count.

 Buy your sprouting supplies and save!Mung Bean Sprouts