Super Food Smoothies!


Whether you are a raw foodist or not, it is very important we incorporate raw foods in our diet.

It is  not uncommon with the modern day lifestyle that people do not get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. Many say if they barley get in one or two servings if any. But the reality is, that what we put in our mouth has a direct impact on our health. Not only how we feel on the inside but also how it reflects on the outside. 

Consuming enough servings raw fruits and vegetables can help us with:

What we want to keep in mind is to choose our foods based on color that come from the earth.

Now, with a busy lifestyle sometimes it’s hard to get the amount of servings we need to maintain optimal health. So what can we do?

I personally love to make smoothies. I also am pretty much on the go from working with health professionals in their practices, to teaching live health seminar and webinars, to also working one-on-one coaching patients. Making super food smoothies has been my solution to a busy lifestyle.

I try to buy organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables then chop them up and mix how I like to blend in my cocktails. I store in sandwich bags and put in the freezer so that I can just grab when ever I need something quick.

Not only is it fast but you can be sure you will receive multiple servings of fruits and vegetables packed with enzymes, phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients our body cannot be without.

I created a chart that you may find as an easy tool to know what you can put in your smoothie. Be creative! It’s yours and you have to love it. I drink 1-2 per day and for post workouts I enhanced it with my TLS Whey Protein. The combinations are endless. I love to drink mine in a wine or martini glass!

Green Super Food Smoothie Chart


 * If you want to add a little sweetness you can try Raw Agave, Raw Honey, or  Stevia.

* If you like to add milk, I love Pacific brand Almond Milk which is also raw and delicious.

I purchased a Nutri Ninja which works great to liquefy your fruits and vegetables completely making a delicious smoothie. What I like most is that you keep the fiber you need with the blender.

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raw food pyramid

How do you like your super food smoothies?

Please share, I would love to hear your thoughts!