Organic Lavender Lip Balm


Organic Lavender lip balm

These days its hard to find body care products that are not full of artificial chemicals and fragrances. A few years ago I visited a Lavender farm and it was a day I will always remember. The warm breeze in the air carried the wonderful fragrance of Lavender. At the farm they had many items for sale made from lavender and I purchased a lip balm. I wanted to create a similar one that I can use as gifts for friends and clients so that they too can enjoy.

Lavender, as we know has many benefits. It is the most widely used oil in Aromatherapy. Bringing calmness and happiness to the body and mind, it can help lift away worries and agitation. It is wonderfully calming, and uplifting and has shown excellent antioxidant activity in several assays (Yang et al 2010), suggesting that it could inhibit degenerative change such as skin cancer, sun damage and the effects of aging. 

Because I am a big fan of Lavender, the recipe below is using this essential oil. You may however, add your own twist. Lavender- Peppermint makes a great combination. Example: mix in 25 drops Lavender + 15 drops peppermint.

Lavender Lip Balm RecipeLavender harvest

This recipe made 50 tubes of lip balm. Adjust measurements as needed.

What You Need

Equipment –

Lip Balm Tubes or Tins

Lip Balm Tray (if using tubes)


Fill the bottom of a small pan with about 1 inch of water and turn on medium heat.

  1. If using a lip balm tray, set it up first to have them ready to fill.
  2. Place a small jar in the water. DO NOT get water inside the jar.
  3. Place all ingredients except the essential oils inside the glass jar and slowly melt, stirring as needed.
  4. When all ingredients are melted, stir well and turn off heat, but leave jar in the water to keep warm.
  5. Add in the Lavender essential oil, or other oils of your choice.
  6. Fill in lip balm tubes. The mixture will settle slightly as it cools, so I also re-top the containers after a few minutes as they start to harden.
  7. Let sit without touching for several hours or until completely hardened.
  8. Store in a cool dry place.


Do you make any of your own body care products? Please share below!

Autumn Aromas Part 1, 2 & 3

Autumn Aromas Part 1: DIY Autumn Spice


It’s that time of the year that we really enjoy the warm and spicy aromas. It’s not just a coincidence that as the weather gets cooler we automatically start craving and utilizing warm spices in our foods and beverages. Spices have been used for centuries all over the world for flavoring foods and also for their therapeutic properties, such as warming the body. Diffusing your favorite seasonal essential oils can fill your home with spicy goodness while disinfecting the air. This Autumn Spice blend can also be diluted in a carrier oil to make a warming massage oil.

Autumn Spice Blend:

Mix the following Essential Oils in a 15 ml Amber Dropper bottlebarefut-essential-oils-300x250

30 Cinnamon
20 Clove
25 Nutmeg
30 Ginger
10 Orange

Make a room spray

Add Essential Oils to empty aluminum spray bottle first. Then add witch hazel and mix. Fill remaining with water. Shake before using.

70-80 drops Autumn Spice Blend
1 – 4oz Aluminum Spray Bottle
2oz Water
2oz Witch Hazel

Diffuse it

Add 5-6 drops Autumn Spice Blend to your diffuser to spice up your home or office!

Add 3-4 drops Autumn Spice Blend to your AromaFresh Car Diffuser

Happy blending and diffusing!

Autumn Aromas Part 2: Diffuser Blends For Your Home & Office


What is it about Fall that you enjoy most? Is it the crisp cool air? The beautiful colors of the leaves changing? Maybe it’s the warm cider or Chai tea with pastries and pumpkin spices… There is a lot to enjoy this season!

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Autumn is the season that governs organization, setting limits and protecting boundaries. This is the perfect time of the year to wrap up unfinished business from the spring or summer and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. It is also a great time for new beginnings and to create new projects. It is the season of taking care of your body and mind by letting go of anything that you are holding on to, and being mindful while creating an open space to allow room for new experiences where we can learn, grow and become creative.

Below are some diffuser recipes that you and the ones around you can appreciate this season.

Good Morning Wake up– Mentally stimulating, makes a great office blend when feeling sleepy, or if you need that extra focus. Diffuse by your desk with the Aromafier for a great pick me up!
2 drops Cypress
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Lime

Log Cabin Blend – Mood lifting, comforting, inner peace, eases anxiety.
2 drops of Juniper
2 drops of Cedarwood
2 drops of Sweet Orange

Warming Elements Blend – Warm the heart, body and mind. Stimulates creativity, alertness and productivity while decreasing mental sluggishness.
3 drops of Cinnamon
2 drops of Clove
2 drops of Balsam Fir

What are your favorite Fall blends? Please share!


Autumn Aromas Part 3: Spa Treatments



Fall is in the air! Essential Oils that we select for the fall are usually those that have warming and clearing properties. This is a season of transition and growth, so we want to choose oils that assist with emotional transitions and adapting to new changes. As we mentioned in the Part 2 of this series, this is the perfect time of the year to wrap up unfinished business, while being mindful and letting go of baggage that holds us back and allowing space for new beginnings. Time to relax, let go and be happy!

In this section we will show you how you can bring the spa to you. Nourish your body and mind with these amazing treatments that you can incorporate into your Aromatherapy rituals. Taking care of your skin is another component as Fall weather usually comes with dryer skin…and we have a solution for that!

Some of our favorite Essential Oils to utilize in the Autumn include:

Cinnamon: Enhances properties of other oils, antidepressant,restores ease and comfort to tired, fatigued or overworked bodies.
Clove: Very warming, and like cinnamon, increases metabolism, relieves pain, settles stomach, refreshes and restores and overworked mind and body.
Nutmeg: Pain reliever, relieves stress and mental exhaustion, reduces respiratory issues, improves sleep quality, supports heart/liver/kidney health
Sweet Orange: Relieves inflammation, lifts the spirit and promotes feelings of joy. Cleanses the lymphatic system and calms the nerves.
Balsam Fir: Refreshing, promotes mental clarity, energy boosting, lung tonic, helps with sore muscles and joints.
Black Spruce: Purifying and cleansing, promotes openness and awareness for the mind. Respiratory tonic, clears congestion.
Scotch Pine: Purifying and stimulating, deodorizing. Promotes strength and vitality.
Ginger: A warming and strengthening tonic that aids in digestion and also in TCM helps move the flow of stagnant chi and circulation of blood. Restores emotional depletion and counteracts exhaustion.
Black Pepper: Warming, eases anxious feelings, relaxes muscular tension, boost immune system, high in antioxidants.


Scrub away dry skin cells with this Ginger-Orange Spice Sugar Scrub. Then nourish your skin from head to toe with one of the massage & body oils below.

Get Your Essential Oils Here

Ginger-Orange Spice Sugar Scrub – Use on your body only, not on face. Don’t forget to wash that shower after as oils can get slippery.

In a PET Plastic Jar mix the following:

1/2 cup Turbinado Sugar
1/4 cup Apricot Kernel or Almond Carrier Oil
15 drops of Sweet Orange EO
10 drops of Ginger EO

Fall Romance Massage & Body Oil – Mix the following Essential Oils in 1 oz Almond Carrier Oil.

3 drops of Ho-wood EO
2 drops of Patchouli EO
2 drops of Ylang Ylang EO
3 drops Sweet Orange EO
1 drop Ginger EO

Nourishing Body & Bath Oil – Stress relieving, and skin toning.

Mix the following in 1 oz amber glass bottle. For larger amounts of massage oil, adjust the quantities of Essential Oil to carrier as needed.

1 oz Pumpkin seed Carrier Oil
2 drops Sweet orange EO
4 drops Lavender EO
4 drops Cedarwood EO

Renewal Bath – Mix the following ingredients together in a container first. Then add to warm bath water just before soaking. Relax and renew.

10 drops Black Spruce EO
1 tbsp Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil
1 -2 cups cup Epsom salts

How will you spa this Autumn?

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*Reposted from Barefut by. Fernanda Santiago

Detoxify: What You Should Be Doing During Your Detox


So your detoxing eh?

Detoxing is a great time to take a step back and take care of yourself. It’s not only a time to make changes to your diet and take supplements to cleanse your insides, but it is a an opportune time to be mindful about certain things that will be good for you both mentally and energetically as well. In other words, it’s time to detox your life! Clear the clutter and the negativity for a fresh start or reset. Below are some tips on how you can lower stress levels and benefit the most during your detox.
  1. Aromatherapy Bath – Soothe your senses with an Aromatherapy bath. Bathing is a time to just relax and let go. Plus, by adding pure essential oils and salts to the bath water you are assisting your body with the natural detoxification process. Some enjoy a quiet bath, but if you enjoy playing some relaxing music, that is good too. Aromatherapy baths benefit both the body and mind.Aromatherapy Bathtime

Try This Recipe:

Stress Relieving Bath Bath

Mix in a jar and pour mixture into warm bath water right before getting in. Soak for 20 minutes and relax!

  1. Take a Hike – Or just get outdoors. Being outside in nature is good for you. Nothing better for clearing a cluttered mind like going for a walk outdoors. This is a great time for meditation and reflection.
  2. Stretch it Out – Incorporate a stretching routine. Some benefit from yoga. No matter what you do, stretching relaxes tense muscles and can decrease pain, tension and reduce stress. Check out this Bedtime Yoga Routine: Bedtime Yoga: Stretch Your Way to Better Sleep by Crane and Canopybedtime yoga
  1. Breathe- Being mindful of our breath is vital as we want to live healthy lives. Try this breathing exercise to encourage relaxation and lowering our stress-

Learn belly breathing with the following steps:

  • Sit down comfortably, or lay down on a yoga mat, depending on your personal preference.
  • Place one of your hands on your stomach, just below your rib cage. Place the second hand over your chest.
  • Breathe in deeply through your nostrils, letting your first hand be pushed out by your stomach. You should find that your chest stays stationary.
  • Breathe out through your lips, pursing them as if you were about to whistle. Gently guide the hand on your stomach inwards, helping to press out the breath.
  • Slowly repeat between 3 and 10 times.
  1. Read- Give your brain a good workout. Similarly, to how jogging increases cardiovascular health, not only does reading make you smarter, but it also boosts your brain power. Reading can be therapeutic while improving your memory and also reducing

As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

  1. Clean Your Home- A clean home really is a happy home. Get rid of the clutter and welcome the renewed energy and happiness in your home. Buildup in the home promotes stagnant-energy and isn’t good for the health. Open the windows, dust the furniture, clear the air, do what it takes to feel the clarity of a clean home.

Keep an Aromatherapy Diffuser in the room and use Essential Oils such as: Bergamot, Grapefruit, lemon, Orange, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Spruce and Lavender to purify the air. You can also try Fresh Air Eternity Blend.

  1. Detox Your Contact List- Who are the people that you are surrounding yourself with? In order to live a healthy, happy, and positive life, you have to surround yourself with people who promote just that.
  2.  Get a Massage- Not only can professional massage therapy relieve stress and decrease pain, it also may aid the body with detoxification as it helps to stimulate lymphatic flow.

Other benefits include:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Greater energy
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced fatigue


Why Detox? Read More

The Art of Aromatherapy Massage

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.” – Hippocrates

Aromatherapy Massage Indulge Your Senses 1

This day in age many have seen the benefits of how incorporating Aromatherapy into our daily life can help improve overall wellbeing and help us cope with daily stressors. Massage is the best way to deliver Aromatherapy to receive not only the emotional benefits, but the physical benefits as well.

Aromatherapy massage is both pleasant and relaxing for the receiver. For the practitioner, it is very rewarding as you may help someone feel relief from general aches and pains and relax the tension away.

Some of the common benefits of Aromatherapy Massage may include*:

  • More restful sleep
  • Help with aches and pains
  • Mental clarity
  • Feeling grounded or a sense of inner peace
  • The ability to relax more easily

A true Aromatherapy Massage links two important senses – smell and touch. This combines the nurturing and therapeutic effects of massage with the harmonizing effects of the Essential Oils that can bring balance to both the body and mind. This is possible because our skin is the largest organ in our body and it’s responsible not just to release impurities or toxins from our body, but it also absorbs what you apply to it. That’s why it is important to be aware of what ingredients or chemicals you put on your body.

In my private practice, I encourage patients to use self-care techniques. These may include Aromatic baths with essential oils as well as using Aromatherapy Massage Oils to do self-massage when needed. The feedback is incredible as many have experienced some of the benefits mentioned above.

** To make your own Aromatherapy Massage Oil, follow the dilution guide below. Never use Essential Oils on the skin without diluting first. The carrier oil will nourish and protect the skin while delivering the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to the skin, which then reach other systems in the body. **

Make your own Massage Oil – What you need **

  • 1(2 oz.) Amber Glass Bottle
  • Carrier oil of your choice (ex. Grapeseed, almond, jojoba, etc.)
  • 20 – 30 drops Total of your favorite Essential Oils or Vitality Blend


Recipe Ideas- Try a blend of your choice!

Directions: Fill a 2oz. amber glass bottle halfway with your carrier oil. Add the appropriate amount of Essential Oils. Cover and shake. Fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil. Your massage oil will be ready to use right away, however the aroma will smell the best within 1-2 days after mixing your blend, as the molecules disperse. You can find a great selection of Pure Essential Oils and Blends here.

Stress Relief – Take the edge off and lift the spirits!

Blend #1

  • Bergamot – 10 drops
  • Ylang Ylang – 5
  • Grapefruit – 8

Blend #2

Blend #3

  • Lavender -15 drops
  • Orange – 5 drops
  • Grapefruit – 5 drops

Relaxation Blends – Unwind and let go.

Blend #1

Blend #2

  • Frankincense -10 drops
  • Geranium – 6 drops
  • Melissa – 5 drops

Blend #3

  • Clary Sage – 10 drops
  • Lavender – 8 drops
  • Orange – 7 drops


Energizing Blends – Recharge!

Blend #1

  • Lemongrass 12 drops
  • Ginger – 10

Blend #2

Blend #3


A great book I recommend to read that is full of tips on self-care massage techniques is: Total Aromatherapy Massage: The Practical Step-By-Step Guide to Aromatherapy Massage at Home by. Jennie Harding Foreward by Robert Tisserand.

What are some of your favorite blends? How have you incorporated Aromatherapy into your life? Please share!

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